Much like the sun, infrared therapy uses the healing power of light to purify, increase circulation, relieve unwanted pain, and increase weight loss. Infrared light penetrates the body, increasing core body temperature instead of warming the air around the body as in a traditional sauna. Infrared light penetrates deeply into the body acting within the cells themselves to detoxify and heal. By raising the core body temperature, infrared sauna’s can produce a sweat composed of 20% toxins, that’s 17% higher than a traditional sauna!

Our infrared sauna has a variety of pre-set programs to provide you with the ultimate healing experience. These programs are scientifically determined to give you the exact wavelength –far, mid, or near infrared light – and time of exposure to meet your needs. Come in for Detoxification, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Pain Relief, Cardiovascular, or Relaxation. We can also program it to your specific needs.

Remember to drink 16 oz of water before and after your sauna sessions.

BioMat is a portable infrared treatment. The mat is filled with amethyst crystals that are heated through infrared wavelengths, giving you a combination of infrared heat and the production of negative ions - natural energizers - to provide a massage for your molecules. Proven to be the most powerful, reliable transporter of infrared technology, the amethyst quartz delivers light and vibration into the body to aid in insomnia, relieve muscle and joint pain, lower stress, aid chronic neck and back pain, reduce inflammation and improve poor circulation. Here at The Fix you can experience the ultimate in healing relaxation by have a massage or acupuncture treatment while lying on the BioMat.


We offer two types of Infrared Therapy at The Fix Aspen: