Myers' Cocktail

The Myers' cocktail was invented by Dr. John Myers as an alternative treatment to address vitamin deficiency of essential nutrients in the system. Through I.V. administration, the vitamins go straight to the body where needed, bypassing the digestive system.

The cocktail contains:

Saline • Vitamin C • Calcium • Magnesium • B Vitamin Complex • B-12

The IV treatments are targeted to flood the cells with nutrients where they vitalize, regenerate, and recover optimal cellular function. Cells are the basic building blocks of life, and since disease occurs at the cellular level, this therapy can allow a more rapid improvement in cellular function and a decrease in disease states where they are needed in order to revitalize. 

These appointments must be booked through the studio

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Myers' Cocktail

Session Time 45 - 60 minutes

Single Session
500 ml saline solution
500 ml Saline Solution

• Complementary oxygen with all IV treatments •

The Perfect Fix

Add-ons that our Medical Staff will recommend for your personal health needs


Glutathione is the master antioxidant in the body, a key supplement for anti-aging benefits. It plays a crucial role in immune response, DNA repair and the detoxification of waste and toxins. Glutathione is naturally produced in the liver, however, our stressful modern lifestyles and toxin exposures rapidly decrease Glutathione levels. Additionally, Glutathione is denatured by stomach acids, making oral supplementation ineffective. I.V. Glutathione, and to a lesser extent, inner-muscular injections (shots) of Glutathione is a great way to increase levels and benefit from its protective and anti-aging benefits.


1000 mg.
2000 mg.

High Dose of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential to collagen production and plays an important role in human immune function. Many ongoing studies are examining the role of high dose Vitamin C in cancer prevention. (National Institute of health 2016). Oral Vitamin C is poorly absorbed in total daily doses over 180mg (National Institute Health 2016). Studies show that doses as high as 1 gram 3 times a day can only raise serum C levels to only 220 micro/L, a very low dose. I.V. Vitamin C supplements can raise serum C levels much, much higher than oral supplementation alone, allowing the body to benefit from high serum Vitamin C concentrations.

Vitamin C

Single Dose

Vitamin B-12 Shot

Methylcobalamin is the most bioavailable form of B-12 of the 3 types available. Evidence indicates that it helps with depression, supports immune system regulation, acts to reverse nerve damage and promote nerve cell regeneration. It can also increase metabolic function, support healthy red blood cell production and protects against neurological disease and aging.

Vitamin B-12 Shot

Single Shot
Pack of 4*

*packages must be used within 6 months of purchase