Denise Searle

Founder, Owner/Operator

Denise has had a passion for fitness since she was a young girl. She is a certified fitness trainer, Pilates, Gyrotonic ® and Gyrokinesis ® instructor, laser therapist, cryoskin therapist & cryotherapist.

After starting the Art of Fitness, Aspen's longest running Pilates studio, over 20 years ago, Denise  decided to expand her practice in order to help people on a deeper level. She explored many different therapies and treatments to arrive at the collection of offerings now provided by The Fix. Denise continues to explore the innovative and evolving world of body therapy and will continue to discover new opportunities to bring to The Fix as workshops, special guests and new services. Her mission is to help people feel better and heal faster naturally.

Dr. Giora Hahn, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Giora Hahn, MD is a board certified anesthesiologist specializing in Pain Management in Aspen, Colorado. He graduated with honors from University of Missouri/ Kansas City Campus, School of Medicine in 1991. Having more than 27 years of diverse experience, Dr. Giora Hahn is affiliated with Aspen Valley Hospital, Valley View Hospital, and Grand River Hospital District.

Susan Hershey

Client Services, Cryotherapist, Laser Therapist

Susan is a 22 year Aspen resident originally from New York City. She is a real estate broker with a passion for fitness, hiking and the Aspen lifestyle. When one of her clients first told her about cryotherapy it definitely sounded interesting but after just one series of treatments she realized that the vast menu of therapies offered at The Fix were the perfect complement to life in Aspen. She believes the wealth of options from cryo and light therapies to esthetic treatments and many more are exactly what not only local residents, but those who call Aspen their second home and those who may just be visiting, need to rejuvenate, recover, repair, renew and optimize while enjoying all that the “Aspen Life” has to offer. To that end, she has made the leap from client to staff member with the goal of furthering her knowledge of the benefits, breakthroughs and technologies offered at The Fix and sharing that knowledge and passion for personal and physical well being with you.

Jeanne Bedell

RN, BSN- Specializing in IV Therapy and Vitamin Boosters, VI peels, Hydrafacials, Laser Therapy

Jeanne moved to Aspen in 2001 to take a “seasonal” job as an Operating Room nurse at Aspen Valley Hospital.  She drank the juice and fell in love with the valley and all mother nature had to offer, shifting Aspen to be her permanent home.  She received her nursing degree from University of Michigan.

Always being active in life, she also launched herself into the fitness industry and is holds certifications in mat and equipment Pilates, Barre, and High Intensity Interval Training. She has taught various classes throughout the valley for the last 10 years.

Jeanne has extensive experience in IV Therapy and Vitamin supplementation to support health & wellbeing. She believes that a proactive approach to health & wellness is imperative to maintaining a healthy balance in life.

Kayla Burrell

Kayla Burrell

Cryotherapist Esthetician & Laser Therapist

Kayla moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 2008. She is a Licensed Practical Nurse and a certified Cryotherapist. Her clinical knowledge is an asset to those seeking recovery from injuries or illnesses, as she oversees services administration at The Fix.

CeCie Kennedy

CeCie Kennedy


CeCie is a long time local who spent many years managing several offices in Aspen, with a strong interest in health, wellness, and body therapy. Her organizational skills and calm, welcoming manner will help you feel relaxed and ready for your treatments when you arrive. CeCie is trained in cryotherapy and will be providing treatments in the chamber as well as assisting you with your compression therapy, oxygen therapy, and other scheduling.

CeCie is excited to bring you the highest level of service when you visit The Fix.

Anita Rayburn

Anita Rayburn

Massage Therapist, Cryotherapist, Laser Therapist & Cryoskin Therapist

Anita, also known as “The Neck Whisperer,” is an experienced Feldenkrais Instructor who uses the Method to help her patients recover lost movements due to injury, illness, or surgeries. She  believes that Feldenkrais can also help one re-learn how to breathe in order to enjoy another decade of Aspen athleticism. Recently, Anita has worked with Aspen Music School students to teach them well-organized movement through the Feldenkrais Method for lifelong injury-free careers.  She is also an accomplished massage therapist now offering Cupping Massage, incorporating an eastern technique for western sensibilities.  At The Fix, Anita also works with the Cryotherapy technology to provide facials and spot treatments.

Lauren Hoffmann

Cryotherapist & Laser Therapist

Lauren Hoffmann was born in Aspen, CO in 1997. She is currently studying to get her Bachelors Degree in business and management through the University of Phoenix. Lauren holds certifications as a fitness and nutrition specialist, assisting clients with Parkinson’s, k-tape, and personal training. She has experience working with clients helping them with weight loss, strength and conditioning, endurance training and corrective exercise.


Jeanne Ruggles

Jeanne Ruggles

Massage Therapist 

Jeanne has been practicing massage full time since 1994, starting her career in her forties after a major career change. A graduate of the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Jeanne is passionate about the benefits of touch and movement. She studied at the Massage Institute of Colorado and later trained in Pilates, Gyrotonic™ (with Julio Horvath, its creator), and Feldenkrais, which was pivotal in Jeanne's perspective of the benefits of touch and movement therapy.

Though Jeanne does not practice Feldenkrais in a conventional manner, her massage practice is heavily influenced by the Feldenkrais method.

Nick Goranov

Massage Therapist 

Born and raised in Bulgaria, Nic has been an athlete all his life.  Nic matriculated in various sports disciplines which paved the way for his chosen direction in Physical Sciences throughout high school and college.

As an athlete he was immersed in varied and diverse recovery cultures which simultaneously drove his educational focus in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and kinesiology. No one knows bodies better than athletes, and as an athlete, Nic has a deep understanding of massage and recovery!

European recovery cultures are steeped in scientific approaches to therapies that track the “before, during and after” of every athletic endeavor, and Nic brings that kind of thoroughness to his craft. Because he was an athlete himself he understands the “chronology of recovery”.

David Berkson

Massage Therapist

David is most concerned with an individuals structure and their inherent balance. he has developed and incorporated many techniques in his style of bodywork/massage. Intuitively flowing and releasing the bodies different layers of fascial tissue he can realign a person body and thus increasing more flexibility and range of motion. Most everyone has had numerous injuries, sprains and accidents, these all can accumulate into tightness, decreased movement and aches and pains. Through a series of sessions David can help elevate many of these current issues and than release these deeper and older wounds. The whole precess lead to a more flowing and homeostasis life.

Frankie Garcia

Massage Therapist

Frankie is an amazing Massage Therapist, with his California style and sway he brings to the table, it's guaranteed to induce relaxation. He has put tremendous work and dedication to take healthily as a lifestyle. He's an avid runner, so muscle function is of an essence to him. Also, being a Pharmacy Technician has seen athletes get severely hurt and be on strong prescription medications. His belief is to do what compels you to feel great, but why not do it the intuitive way that does not have the adverse side-effects.

Frankie commits to offering an effective treatment bringing each client to most muscle function the shortest time possible. Always striving to enhance and restore your vitality through manipulation of body tissue. Relieving you of your aches, pains, or plain tension. Assigning you with more whole circulation, a more substantial body, but most important a better mind.

Lisa Miller

Esthetician, Cryofacialist & Cryoskin Therapist

Lisa is a results driven esthetician with more than 30 years of successful experience and expertise in skin health. Committed that every client’s individual experience is customized & tailored to their skin’s needs and concerns.

As an esthetician I have lived and practiced in Denver, Santa Barbara and mostly in Aspen. At 8000 feet, this climate poses extreme environment exposure for all skin types, which requires the “most high” maintenance we can provide!

So, being proactive means having regular facial treatments, and a morning & evening, at-home skin care regimen which is essential for keeping your skin healthy, youthful and fabulous. And don’t forget your sun protection when enjoying all the outdoor activities you love doing!

Greer Mexic

Esthetician specializing in Lash Extensions & Cryoskin Therapist

Greer Mexic raises the skill of skin care to the level of art.

After moving to Aspen, where elegance and beauty are paramount for women from around the globe, she realized that revealing and enhancing the natural beauty of a woman’s face is the most rewarding art.

Greer combines mastery of esthetician skills and skin science with qualities that can’t be taught—instinct, vision, perception, and a deft and delicate touch.

Greer has travelled worldwide, always observing how beauty is defined across various cultures. Regardless of her client’s age, history of skin care, or personal style, Greer’s experience and talent ensure results that transcend expectations.

Bill Fabrocini PT, CSCS

Personal Training, Physical Therapy

Bill Fabrocini is a clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy and sports performance training coach. He has worked at the Aspen Club Sports Medicine Institute in various capacities since 1989 along with running his own training and consulting business, Bill Fabrocini LLC.

During the course of his 30 year career he has designed exercise programs for several prestigious companies both on the private and public sector. He has also worked with athletes from a broad range including Olympic medalists, professional sports, collegiate sports, ballet dancers and companies, youth sport organizations, and the everyday recreational athlete. Most recently he served as the rehabilitation and strength conditioning advisor for the Guadalajara Chivas in the Mexican professional soccer league.

In addition to his work with athletes, Mr. Fabrocini specializes in chronic injuries such as back and hip pathology that are the result of repetitive movement dysfunctions. He has focused much of his work on the integrative concepts of posture, stability, and mobility and how they influence human movement. He has published numerous articles and lectured extensively with regards to these concepts and their correlation to loads and stresses on biological tissues as well how they influence the durability of the human body.