Kinetic Chain is a therapy that works on the connections in the system (muscle, joints, fascia and nerves) that allows its interlinking pieces to produce movement. When one of these links in the human chain doesn’t function efficiently, the whole system can be affected. At The Fix we seek to provide the highest level of care using a truly unique and integrated treatment approach that evaluates and treats the whole person. We strive to improve lives and help those suffering from acute injury and chronic pain, as well as healthy individuals seeking personal improvement or athletes seeking performance enhancement.

Rather than treating symptoms alone, our detailed evaluation process seeks to uncover the root cause of dysfunction. No problem is viewed in isolation. Our whole person approach enables us to treat the entire system to ensure the body works in synergy between all regions. The global approach is designed to prevent recidivism in treatment, provide long lasting relief, and create a sustainable management strategy for the future. Each client will receive a customized treatment plan tailored to fit their individual needs and goals. We may use a variety of tools such as: infrared mat, cupping, myofascial scraping, muscle testing  to achieve this goal. We strive to help every client to be the best they can be and live the highest quality of life every day. 


Cupping is a type of suction therapy used to draw toxins, pathogens and lactic acid out of the body. Cupping increases circulation, stimulates the lymphatic and immune systems and treats internal and musculoskeletal conditions. It is great for when you are sick. It is also used to break up scar tissue and release fascial adhesions to promote the free flow of energy and blood in the body.


The Fascial Abrasion Technique (FAT) Tools is specially designed for health care providers. Our patented textured finish helps to decrease tissue sensitivity while allowing for a better grip of the surface tissue. Unlike most tools, it leaves no bruising and virtually non skiing irritation.


BioMat is a portable infrared treatment. The mat is filled with amethyst crystals that are heated through infrared wavelengths, giving you a combination of infrared heat and the production of negative ions - natural energizers - to provide a massage for your molecules. Proven to be the most powerful, reliable transporter of infrared technology, the amethyst quartz delivers light and vibration into the body to aid in insomnia, relieve muscle and joint pain, lower stress, aid chronic neck and back pain, reduce inflammation and improve poor circulation.

*Add-on to a massage, facial or IV treatment.


Warm up and recover like the pros with this iconic ultra-premium percussion device. Seriously strong, aesthetically sleek, and unbelievably quiet.