ElectronsPlus is a therapy based on what is commonly know as PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy. ElectronsPlus is a device that emits a very powerful electromagnetic field that is then pointed at the non-functioning muscle.


Most of our muscle tightness is the result of neighboring muscles not performing, or not functioning. ElectronsPlus therapy helps to "wake up" those sleepy muscles and revitalize them so that they can start to function. This in turn will take pressure off of those overworked muscles, then you start to feel better.


ElectronsPlus works on a cellular level, meaning is actually causes every cell in your body to function at its maximum capacity. Whether it is skin cells, bone cells, blood cell, or muscle cells, ElectronsPlus will rejuvenate those slow to non-functioning cells.

What makes E+ unique is the fact that’s completely guided by touch. There are no prongs, electrodes or any other devices that come in contact with you then the practitioners hand. The powerful electromagnetic current runs from the machine, into the practitioner and in to you. This allows for the intuition of the therapist to touch the areas on your body that need help and a healthy flow of electrons are transferred into your cells and muscles.


Remember, if the muscles are strong and healthy you’ll feel them contract. However if all you feel is a tingle or a superficial skin buzz then that tells you the muscles in that area are not functioning. 


 This treatment acts as both a diagnostic tool and a treatment tool.