A treatment that uses patented technology that triggers a cellular response that activates the body's natural healing process

  • Increases blood supply

  • Modulates inflammation

  • Stimulates and activates cellular repair

  • Remodels and regenerates tissue

  • Accelerates wound healing

  • Initiates antibacterial effect

  • Reduces acute and chronic pain

“I have experienced hip pain for 6-9 months.  I tried PT and worked with a biomechanical specialist for 2 months.  Nothing worked until i used Softwave which detected my issue .  Started with my sartorius muscle and originated in my knee. After 2 sessions I am 100%. I will continue using Softwave and will tell everyone about my results."

-Nathaniel Deans"

"I had a motor scooter accident 2 months ago in Sri Lanka and injured my right shoulder. I knew it was bad but was not having any swelling because I have been taking liposomal curcumin. I was unsure what area was injured until The Fix was able to diagnose the injured areas on my first treatment. After my first treatment, I was able to have full range of motion and had no pain. My second treatment was 5 days later. Continued results of having full range of motion. Denise was very knowledgable on this “stem cell therapy” and post procedure recommendations of hydration and propping pillows to sleep at night. I know that it is going to take up to 6 months to see the best results and be able to resume my weight lifting and yoga practices but knowing I can use my arm to get dressed, dry my hair and do daily activities without pain is great!!!"

-Donna Lesniak, RN / Founder at Three International

"The stem cell machine" non invasive treatment.

SoftWave Miracle

SoftWave is the ONLY device that utilizes patented parabolically focused shockwaves to effectively treat pain. This technology generates electrohydraulic, parallel acoustic waves that provide the largest and deepest therapeutic treatment zone. This ensures that enough energy penetrates areas of inflammation of up to 12 centimeters and initiates a biological response over the broadest possible area dramatically reducing pain with the fewest number of patient treatments.

Fluorescent stained mitochondria before and after unfocused shock wave

SoftWave has been an effective therapy for several of my patients and myself. I have referred patients with neck pain, chronic tendonitis and joint pain, and have used it on myself post surgically for a torn meniscus repair. The results have been quite impressive with both subjective improvements in pain relief and objective enhancement in swelling reduction, range of motion and strength. I would highly recommend this therapy for almost any musculoskeletal and neurological condition.

-Bill Fabrocini PT, CSCS