Denise Searle

Founder, Owner

Denise has always had an interest in health & wellness and understands its importance for those seeking the quality of life everyone deserves. After opening the first private Pilates studio in Aspen almost 30 years ago, The Art Of Fitness, she decided  to open the first recovery studio in Aspen called The Fix.

With health and wellness as her true north she created The Fix in 2016 to provide the newest, most progressive, cutting-edge regenerative therapies to her sports crazed community. It’s always been about mind, body and spirit with Denise and The Fix has helped her take that to the next level.

Denise has carefully curated a unique variety of modalities making The Fix a necessary and consistent staple in the lives of people looking to renew, recover and thrive. Meantime, she continues to explore the innovative and evolving world of regenerative therapies and is always exploring new opportunities and partnerships to maintain The Fix as an ultimate health and wellness platform. Workshops, special guests and new treatments are always on the horizon.

Dr. Rand McClain

Medical Director, Regenerative & Sports Medicine Specialist

Rand McClain, DO, is a dedicated regenerative and sports medicine specialist who enjoys helping patients with their complex medical care and providing insightful patient education at Regenerative & Sports Medicine in Santa Monica, CA. He is the author of the best-selling book, Cheating Death: The New Science of Living Longer and Better, where he explores his own journey with longevity and the latest restorative healing technologies that can help anyone live life to the fullest while looking and feeling better.

As a dedicated osteopathic physician, Dr. McClain enjoys studying nutrition, exercise, herbs, supplements, acupuncture, and traditional Chinese medicine in his professional as well as personal life. He is also on the cutting-edge of the latest research and technologies being explored in the medical community including stem cell treatments, bioidentical hormone replacement therapies, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, IV drips that reduce trauma and anxiety, cryotherapy, human performance health programs, and futuristic healthspan treatments.

Stephanie Karozos, MD

Integrative & Functional Medicine and Acupuncture

Dr. Karozos completed acupuncture training with the Helms Medical Institute, which trains physicians to practice acupuncture. She completed an apprenticeship in Japanese-style acupuncture with traditionally trained acupuncturists in Boulder in 2022. Her acupuncture evaluations and treatments involve both traditional, gentle energetic treatments and more focused musculoskeletal treatments. Acupuncture treatments are highly individualized and can be beneficial for stress, pain, hormonal imbalances, sleep, and health optimization.

Dr. Karozos graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis in 2015. She then moved to Colorado for her Family Medicine residency training at Saint Joseph Hospital in Denver, where she was elected chief resident. She completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at St. Anthony North Family Medicine and with the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, and is acupuncture certified through the Helms Medical Institute. She has participated in Functional Medicine training through the Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. Karozos is board certified in both Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine.

Outside of work, she enjoys time in nature, hiking, skiing, camping, reading and spending time with friends and family.

Bill Fabrocini, PT, CSCS

Physical Therapist Consultant and Performance Trainer

Bill Fabrocini is a clinical specialist in orthopedic physical therapy and sports performance training coach. He has worked at the Aspen Club Sports Medicine Institute in various capacities since 1989 along with running his own training and consulting business, Bill Fabrocini LLC.

Bill specializes in chronic injuries such as back and hip pathology that are the result of repetitive movement dysfunctions. He has focused much of his work on the integrative concepts of posture, stability, and mobility and how they influence human movement. He has published numerous articles and lectured extensively with regards to these concepts and their correlation to loads and stresses on biological tissues as well how they influence the durability of the human body.

Deborah "Ducky" Coombe, RN

IV Specialist, Treatment Specialist

A a native of Aspen, Colorado, Ducky has dedicated her professional career as a medical professional. Her passion for skiing and outdoor activities blended early on with the two starting as an Aspen Ski Patrol and Powder Tour Guide. Coordinating the seasonal fluctuations, Ducky started working at Aspen Valley Hospital and Aspen Ambulance District as EMT-I. Since becoming a nurse in 2005, she has worked in the ER and OR. Presently, she is working in the Perioperative Department. Her college degree in Wildlife Filmmaking and Photography has allowed for many adventures around the world.

Working for The Fix allows her medical knowledge and IV skills to assist with therapies for the clients achieving optimal wellbeing.

Pamela Bastidas, RN

IV Specialist, Treatment Specialist

Born and raised in Chile, Pamela started her nursing career in 2001 as an Intensive Care Nurse in Santiago Chile. She has worked in Intensive Care in New Hampshire and Florida. The love for the outdoors brought her to Aspen in 2018 when she moved with her husband and young son and joined the perioperative department at Aspen Valley Hospital.

Pamela has made the valley her home, she enjoys everything the mountains have to offer. The Fix has been an opportunity to stay connected to the community providing health and wellness care.

Gary Whiseant, RN

IV Specialist

Gary is a Registered Nurse with over twenty five years of experience in the emergency department. He has worked in a variety of emergency departments from level one trauma centers to critical care access hospitals. As a child Gary dreamed of living in Western Colorado after spending many family vacations in the area. He fulfilled that dream 30 years ago when he moved to the area. Prior to working as a registered nurse Gary worked as an EMT on an advanced life support ambulance for three years. Gary is currently working at Aspen Valley Hospital alongside The Fix.

LaMae Turk

Phlebotomist, IV Specialist

LaMae is a Nationally Certified Phlebotomist Technician with additional certifications in IV Therapy. With her seven years of hospital experience, she is excited to contribute her knowledge to The Fix team! A North Dakota native, LaMae came to Aspen as a travel phlebotomist and immediately fell in love with the community and the adventures this valley provides. When not working at AVH or the Fix, you can probably find her out on the mountain! 

Trudi Olson-Feast RN,BSN

IV Specialist

Already a Colorado native, Trudi moved to the valley in 2007 after completing her RN at Denver School of Nursing in Denver, CO. She has always had a passion for healthy living and believes it to be essential to wellbeing. She is an avid outdoor adventurist and participates in all activities this valley has to offer. “I truly try to emulate the healthy lifestyle I am passionate about to be an example for my kids and my patients so there may create a desire for them to do so as well”. She has spent most of her nursing career in the surgery department at AVH for over a decade. However, Recently she is beginning the journey of becoming a nurse practitioner and believes the FIX is “Where it’s at”.

Denise Larson, RN

IV Specialist, Treatment Specialisty

Denise Larson is a seasoned registered nurse with over 27 years of experience, currently making a difference in the fast-paced environment of the Emergency Room. With a diverse medical background, Denise brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role, ensuring the best possible care for her patients. Outside of work, Denise enjoys embracing the tranquility of nature through hiking adventures, immersing herself in the pages of a good book, and unleashing her creativity through various crafts. As an empty nester, Denise cherishes the time spent with her two grown children and takes joy in being a grandmother to her precious grandson, Leo.

Alie James

Treatment Specialist

Alie is originally from Milwaukee, WI where she began her journey in the health and wellness industry starting out as a Nutritionist and a Wellness Department Manager at a local Co-op. Her zest for nature and the mountains along with the passion for living a holistic lifestyle brought her to CO in 2007. After having her daughter in 2011 she  added personal trainer to expand her desire to to help people reach their goals for optimal health. Alie partnered with Denise and the Art of Fitness in Spring of 2023 and completed her Neufit Level 1 Practioner Certification which  allows her to help clients accelerate their recovery from many types of injuries and surgery and reach their fitness goals faster. Her decades long passion to ensure the body is truly getting what it needs nutritionally has also been a focus. Along with The Fix, Alie has partnered with the nutraceutical company called THREE. We want to set our bodies up for success and THREE offers a proactive line of products that have been scientifically proven to redefine the science of supplements with advanced cellular absorption technology.


Theresa Hernandez

Operations Manager

As an executive assistant of operations, Theresa is a critical team member ready, willing, and able to meet Fix clients at the level of their intentions – recover, renew, and grow! Hailing from Houston where she was born and raised, Theresa is an avid animal lover, cross country skier, hiker, camper and lover of all things Colorado. It’s all about health and wellness through cooking great food and exercise for her!


Chantal “Charlie” Henderson


Chantal is a licensed Esthetician in the state of Colorado and has extensive experience in the world of wellness including having studied perfumery in Grasse, France. She is passionate about high altitude skincare, anti-aging and longevity. Her approach to skin is all about barrier protection, hydration and an overall holistic outlook on one's total health. Originally from South Africa, Chantal has lived all over the world, finally settling here in Aspen 8 years ago. She is an avid equestrian, hiker and skier and never leaves the house without wearing SPF!

Patrick Sagal, BS, MA, LMT

Kinetic Chain  / Manual Therapist, Treatment Specialist

Patrick Sagal has over 20 years experience as a massage therapist in Aspen. He has a Bachelor’s in Biology and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of New Mexico, and is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Colorado. His multicultural health perspective of Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic comes from studying in the U.S., China, India, Thailand, and Brazil. His specialties helping to rebalance the kinetic chain include deep tissue release, therapeutic and sports massage,  corrective stretching and breath work, craniosacral therapy, and chi nei tsang. His clients include professional skiers, tennis players, cyclists, NFL football and NHL hockey players.

Patrick’s passion is ‘Skiing for Peace’, helping to grow skiing in remote places around the world.

Ben Dowson

Rolfing / Manual Therapist

Ben is a Certified Rolfer®. He has been obsessed with movement ever since he was young. At the age of thirteen he got involved in yoga and competitive rock climbing. Over the years he has explored dance, skiing, paragliding, trail running, gymnastics, and most recently the work of Ido Portal, a movement and athletic aficionado. Naturally this love of physical expression had its fair share of injuries, which led him to try Rolfing Structural Integration for the first time in 2018. It was the first time he experienced lasting results from manual therapy.

Ben's extensive experience with athletic pursuits puts him in a unique position to guide you along your healing journey. Whether a ski accident, normal aches and pains, or purely the pursuit of a more comfortable experience in your own body.

Elizabeth LaFemina

Rolfing / Manual Therapist

Elizabeth LaFemina is an Advanced Structural Integration Practitioner practicing privately in Aspen CO. She is dedicated to the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf. Over the course of 24 years she has worked with tens of thousands of individuals helping them to become more structurally integrated and embodied. She has also worked with dozens of corporations providing hands-on work and movement education, fostering postural and structural wellbeing in the work place. Elizabeth is driven to help people improve their wellbeing and heal from injury, so that they may continue to do the things that bring them joy and lead a life in which they thrive. Having extensive history as an elite and semi-elite athlete, she understands the load active people put on their bodies and the importance of self care and treatment to stay healthy. Elizabeth believes staying active is key to living a healthier longer life and is dedicated to helping clients continue to do so. When she is not seeing clients, Elizabeth loves to explore the mountains, travel the world and pursue her other passion; botanical Illustration and contemporary botanical art as an artist.

Chad Bengtson

Fascial Stretch Therapist

Chad is a certified Fascial Stretch Therapist and an avid outdoor enthusiast. He studied Pre-Physical Therapy at the University of Northern Arizona and worked as a stretch practitioner in San Diego, California. His knowledge and practice specializes in manual mobilization and myofascial release techniques. He has worked with professionals in the fields of snowboarding, skiing, surfing, and golf. Whether he is trail running, backcountry skiing, or competing in team ski mountaineering events, he’s always exploring and continually fascinated by the endless playground and beauty of the Colorado Rockies. Most of all, Chad is passionate about working alongside his clients in their healing journeys and athletic pursuits.