This refreshing and painless treatment is the best cold therapy available and one of the most effective ways to recover from any athletic endeavor.  

Ever wonder how Tom Brady plays quarterback in the NFL at such a high level into his forties?  

You guessed it – CRYOTHERAPY!


At The Fix, we offer three types of Cryotherapy

Wholebody Cryotherapy - 3 minute session

In our state of the art Cryo Sauna, the whole body from the neck down is immersed in nitrogen gas at temperatures from -166F to -270F inducing rapid vasoconstriction - sending blood from your arms, legs, skin, muscles, and joints into your core to protect the vital organs.  As blood travels to the core it passes through the heart, lungs, and liver where it is cleansed of inflammatory properties, toxins, and metabolic wastes and then resupplied with oxygen, nutrients, and enzymes.  This rapid cleansing of the blood eliminates a tremendous amount of inflammation and provides your skin, muscles, and joints with hyper-enriched blood. This process can burn from 300 to 800 calories in just 3 minutes!

*Walk ins always welcome. Only a 3 minute treatment that gives you a "wow" effect immediately.

Call to ask how you can use Wholebody Cryotherapy to supplement your weight-loss endeavors!

Benefits of Whole Body Cryotherapy





Effects of Multiple Sclerosis




Collagen production






Whole Body Cryotherapy
Local Cryotherapy

Cryo-Local - 6 - 10 minute session

The cryo local is like having an ice-pack on steroids!  With this application, we can drop the temperature of your skin by 30 degrees in just a couple of minutes and keep it there for a few more minutes (depending on the size of the area being treated) to cause a localized version of Whole Body Cryotherapy - reducing inflammation and pain in less than a third of the time of an ice pack.  This is a quick fix for your recent injury or a great step toward real healing for your chronic pain.

With all our Cryotherapy we’ll have you back in the saddle, in the field, and on the hill living the life you love without all that pain!

Cryo-Facial - 10 minute session

The cryo facial is a unique facial treatment benefiting all types of skin.  We use a special machine to direct the nitrogen gas onto the face super-cooling the skin which causes the production of collagen,  and a reduction in fine lines, inflammation, and redness.  The cryo facial can reduce the appearance and severity of acne, post face-lift bruising and inflammation, and reduce headaches and eye strain.