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Rian Overcash


Rian Overcash is a certified nutrigenomic counselor and owner of Habit Method Health, innovative wellness consulting.

Nutrigenomics: identifying root causes of health concerns.
Nutrigenomics is the study of how nutrition and lifestyle factors influence our genetic predispositions. Understanding how we can best support or suppress unique genetic characteristics allows us to optimize our health and increase quality of life.

Using nutrigenomic testing as a foundational tool provides insight into WHY symptoms occur, and offers targeted and expeditious support.

Genomic testing can be most helpful for individuals concerned with: weight gain, autoimmune issues, gastrointestinal disorders, mood/brain health, hormone imbalances, medication metabolization, or athletic performance optimization.

My story:
“After a decade long struggle with an autoimmune disease that was nearly impossible to diagnose, I am sympathetic to my client’s frustrations. My clients have referred to me as a medical sherpa; a guide to help them navigate a path forward.

Through genomic testing, education and advocacy, I aim to introduce clients to testing options, practitioners, nutritional support to aid their journey to optimal health.”

-Rian Overcash
Owner of Habit Method Health

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Joe Kistner, LMT

Total Body Stabilization (TBS)

Joe Kistner has been a student of massage and bodywork for 40 years. He is a Colorado Certified Massage Therapist, a member of the AMTA, and holds certifications in an extensive list of orthopedic and sports therapies. He attended the Boulder School of Massage. Joe holds the distinction of becoming one of the first Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) Specialists in the country. Most recently Joe holds certifications in 3 levels of Z-Health, a joint mobility-based therapy.

He is the creator of the Total Body Stabilization (TBS) Method. TBS focuses on the brain and its role to provide joint stability by communicating with the muscles throughout the body. This groundbreaking method can reduce tightness and pain in just one session. TBS is a cutting-edge modality that views foot stability as the key to enhance performance and expedite injury rehabilitation time.

His clientele includes all levels of athletes from the world’s top skiers, snowboarders, and tennis players, to golfers from the PGA, LPGA, and Senior Tours.